Choose your favourite dish from our high variety menu! Come and try it!

Cold appetizers

Cold Plate Morocco (beef ham, Bosnian sausage, gorgonzola, different cheeses, vegetables) – 24,00KM

Salmon carpaccio (melon, honey, mustard, white wine, olive oil, dill) – 16, 00 KM

Beef carpaccio (dried figs, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, olive oil, vinegar balsamic) – 14,00 KM

Caprese (mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil) – 12, 00 KM

Filled tomato with gambini in cocktail sauce (gambini, tomatoes, olive oil, spices) – 14,00 KM

Big Salads

Salad Guadalahara (steak, seasonal salad, dressing, corn, beans) – 16,00 KM

Salad Morocco (green salad, tomato, cucumber, pepper, corn, marinated chicken breast, chili) – 14,00 KM

Octopus salad (octopus, ricotta, tomato, lemon, olive oil, black onion, white onion) – 15,00 KM

Lebanese eggplant yogurt salad (eggplant, tomato, cucumber, prawn, yoghurt) – 12,00 KM


Bey’s soup (chicken, vegetables, okra) – 6, 00 BAM

Veal soup on the spring way (veal, carrots, mushrooms, parsley) – 6,00 KM

Homemade chicken with barley (veal, barley, carrot, parsley, mushrooms) – 7,00 KM

Cardinal soup (carrots, tomatoes, coriander, black wine) – 7,00 KM

Oriental cauliflower cream with fried almonds (cauliflower, carrots, cream, almonds, spices) – 6,00 KM

Hot appetizers

Lasagne Bolognese (lettuce, raspberry meat, tomato, cheese, spices) – 15,00 KM

Cuttlefish black risotto (cuttlefish, rice, black wine, black onion, white onion, parmesan) – 15,00 KM

Seafood risotto (seafood, shrimp, rice, black onion, wine) – 15,00 KM

Tagliatelle with smoked salmon (tagliatelle, smoked salmon, dill, cream, white wine) – 16,00 KM

Vegetable salad (various seasonal vegetables) – 12,00 KM

Filled eggplant “Prince Murat” (eggplant, tomato, cheese, spices, minced meat) – 12,00 KM

White meat

Turkey tagina with dried plums and honey (turkey, plum, honey, almonds, raisins, spice, yellow rice, vegetables) – 22,00 KM

Chopped chicken breast in saffron sauce (chicken, almonds, mozzarella, vegetables, basmati rice, white wine) – 17,00 KM

Chicken in a sauce of forest mushrooms (chicken, mushrooms, beans, raspberries, basmati rice, vegetables, spices) – 16,00 KM

Turkey “Cordon Bleu” (turkey, cheese, ham, spices) – 22,00 KM

Red meat dishes

Saber Morocco 350 g (steak, raisins, veal, vegetables, roast potatoes) – 30,00 KM

Beef medallions with quail eggs (quail eggs, potatoes, vegetables, demiglas) – 26,00 KM

Steak on French 250 g (black onions, balsamic vinegar, black wine, demiglas, vegetables, roast potatoes) – 25,00 KM

Steak in gorgonzola sauce 250 g (gorgonzola, cream, spices, vegetables, roasted potatoes) – 25,00 KM

Fefer steak 250 g (green pepper, white wine, demiglas, vegetables, roasted potatoes) – 25,00 KM

Grilled steak 250 g (vinegar, vegetables, baked potatoes) – 24,00 KM

Sote Stroganov 180 g (pickled cucumbers, forest mushrooms, white wine, tagliatelle, mustard) – 20,00 KM

Rib-eye steak with forest mushrooms 250 g (forest mushrooms, cream, white wine, spices) – 23,00 KM

Rib-eye steak in cranberry 250 g (cranberry, black wine, demiglas, vegetables, roasted potatoes) – 23,00 KM

Grilled rib-eye steak 250 g (vinegar, vegetables, roasted potatoes, spices) – 22.00 KM

Veal dishes

Veal steak alla “Caffe de Paris” (veal, potato, potatoes, vegetables, spices) – 20,00 KM

Tunisian veal with almonds (veal, almonds, saffron, yellow rice, vegetables, cream) – 22,00 KM

Saltimbocca ala Romana (veal, tagliatelle, tomato, dried meats, spices) – 22,00 KM


Moroccan kebab of tune with the kus (tuna steak, mint, harisa, chicken) – 26,00 KM

Salmon on the Moroccan way 250 g (salmon, tomato, spinach, cream, pine nuts, tomato sauce) – 24,00 KM

Grilled bream 350 g (crisp, mangold, olive oil, spices) – 24,00 KM

Grilled sea bass 350 g (potatoes, mangold, olive oil, spices) – 24,00 KM

Grilled trout 350 g (potatoes, mangold, olive oil, spices) – 18,00 KM

Grilled squids 300 g (potatoes, mangold, olive oil, spices) – 18,00 KM


‘Tabbouleh’ Arabic salad with parsley – 6,00 KM

Seasonal mixed salad – 5,00 KM

Tarator from young cucumbers – 4,00 KM

Tarator from leek- 4,00 KM

Spicy salad “Morocco” – 6,00 KM

Salad ‘Šopska’ – 6,00 KM

Parmesan cheese salad – 12,00 KM

Salted salad with stalks and beef prosciutto – 12,00 KM

Arabic dishes

Mutabel (eggplant, tahin cream, lemon juice, olive oil, lebanese bread) – 10,00 KM

Humus (chickpea, tahin cream, lemon juice, pine nuts, lebanese bread) – 10,00 KM

Laban (Lebanese cheese, olive oil, oregano, parsley, basil, lebanese bread) – 10,00 KM

Kus-kus lamb (Moroccan pasta, lamb, olive oil, spices) – 18,00 KM

Kus-kus beef (Moroccan pasta, steak, olive oil, spices) – 20,00 KM

Kus-kus ramstek (Moroccan pasta, raspberry, olive oil, spices) – 18,00 KM

Kus-kus chicken (Moroccan pasta, chicken, olive oil, spices) – 18,00 KM

Shish kebab with beef (steak, tomato, black onion, spices) – 20,00 KM

Shish kebab with lamb (lamb, tomato, black onion, spices) – 18,00 KM

Shish kebab with chicken (chicken, tomato, black onion, spices) – 16,00 KM


4 cheese (tomato sauce, gorgonzola, mozzarella, smoked cheese, edamer) – 12,00 KM

Vegetarian (tomato sauce, mixed vegetables, cheese) – 10,00 KM

Capricciosa (tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, cheese) – 12,00 KM

The Mediterranean (tomato sauce, seafood, cheese) – 14,00 KM

Chili (tomato sauce, chili sausage, chili sauce, cheese) – 14,00 KM

Morocco pizza (ham, sausage, basil, chili sausage, tomato, cheese) – 15,00 KM

Hawaii (tomato sauce, ham, mixed vegetables) – 10,00 KM


Apple pie (ice cream, homemade jam) – 6,00 KM

Pear “Morocco” – 7,00 KM

Ice cream with hot cherries – 5,00 KM

Fruit salad – 5,00 KM

Tabule with fruit – 6,00 KM

Arabic pudding “Muhalabija” – 7,00 KM

Arabic Baklava – 7,00 KM