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The Art of Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is more than just a food. This very specific cuisine is the way Moroccans perceive life based on their beliefs. In North Africa, food is considered to be the most important part of every individual. It is not just about the perfect mixture of spices, but is represents an image of their respect to their culture. Moroccan food is mostly famous by its spices found in its dishes like dried ginger, cumin, and turmeric.

“Simplicity and complexity need each other”
John Maeda

Our Story


With the game of lights that breaks in the fountain with a waterfall, and a mosaic that extends along the length of the whole wall, the work of Enes Sivac, Casablanca part of the restaurant is suitable for larger groups and business dinners. For this part of the restaurant, a more intimate atmosphere is foreseen, which will, besides the Bosnian motifs, domestic and international cuisine, contribute to the gourmet atmosphere to be remembered. The name ‘Casablanca’ comes from Spanish language meaning white house. This city in Morocco got this name because all of its building are white – white city!

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Marrakesh is the middle part of the restaurant and it is perfect ambient for consuming aperitifs, Moroccan tea, and premium wines. If you want to enjoy while having a cup of mint tea or traditional Bosnian coffee in our beautiful Moroccan interior decorated with colourful mosaics, you should definitely choose this part of the restaurant. Term ‘Marrakesh’ comes from the barbs roots which means ‘The land of God’.

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Fes is the upper part of the restaurant and it can be customized for all forms of reception, entertainment and other content by your wish. Fes is offering to our guest beautiful view on the other parts of the restaurant. With wooden oriental ceiling and warm colours of walls and pillows, it gives a romantic feeling, which our guest love to enjoy in, especially at night. The word ‘Fes’ comes from Greek roots, but it was also adopted by Turks. ‘Fes’ is term used for small, round hat, usually in red colour.